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About Me

Skyla Gray is a romance author fond of all things scary and steamy. When not writing, she can usually be found gaming, cooking, or binge-watching horror movies. She lives in Arizona with her partner and an exceptionally hyper dog.

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Monster Research Facility

Book 1:

The Nightmare’s Kiss

How can a living nightmare bring such sweet dreams?

Mara Vance never thought her psychology degree would lead to studying an actual monster. Subject X-13, aka “The Nightmare,” is armed with sharp teeth, claws, and a constantly shifting form… yet Mara finds the huge shadow creature as intriguing as he is terrifying…

Book 2:

The Revenant’s Heart

Can a dead heart learn to beat again?

After dropping out of med school, Lucy thought her skill with a scalpel would only be useful for her hobbyist taxidermy. But her life takes another unexpected turn when she becomes the doctor for a most unusual patient: one who’s already dead. Or undead, rather…